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This may interest some of you, our Advanced C++ Community journal is the only hit on google for:
"Advanced C++ Community"

#1 hit on google for:
"Advanced C++" singleton

#4 hit for:
"Advanced C++" stepanov

And interestingly, #1 hit for:
"Advanced C++" U2
I saw The Da Vinci Code (by Dan Brown) at powerbooks today. It has a catchy title and 2000+ reader reviews (averaging at 3.5 stars) at Amazon.

The title is very catchy it has "Da Vinci" and Code at the title, any programmer will be intrigued upon catching sight of it.

I'm wondering if any of you guys has read it, and is it worth buying the hardcover copy of it?
This is funny, I've been looking at the program I created earlier for hours now.

I'm still looking at the code. Patting myself because I really like how it turned out. This is too funny, I'm drawing ego from myself. This has got to be my greatest flaw, to admire my own work for a really long time. It's like I really don't believe I could have done what I did and that I have to keep looking at it to make it feel more real. What's wrong with that picture? Anyone?

I still haven't inched towards completion of the interview-web-project. I don't want to install the J2EE SDK on my pristine WinXP OS. I've already did 2 system restore points, but I can't bring myself to install the damn thing. Shit, I even tried to install it on my other OS but the damn installer crap just crashes on Win98, I think they expect a specific version of msvcrt idiots. Shit.

Aaarghhh... I doubt I'll install the J2EE-sdk unless anybody convinces me to do so otherwise. I wish I had some throwaway OS that I can install it on.
I've been reading Fountainhead for a while now. Basically Roark's problem is dealing with highly opinionated people whose basis are the greater public's opinion. That and his lack of communicative ability.

Reflecting on programming as opposed to architecture as presented in that book, I'm glad the greater public know nothing about software-architecture. I would hate to have to fight customers on software requirements based on the greater public's opinion of what is right, it would be laughable.
There's a problem with my keyboard's Intellitype Pro 5.0 software, the play-pause, stop, next, previous buttons doesn't work with winamp when using modern skins.

I looked at winamp's forums for a fix to this problem. I found this thread. I saw that someone posted his fix for the app in the form of 4 different programs that sends different messages each to winamp. I decided I could do better in the form of command line arguments, so I followed the sdk-api link and started coding from there.

Eventually I created an app that would send messages to winamp's window. At first I created a console program that does this. When it was time to hook-up the functionalities to intellitype's button-commands, I decided to turn it into a windows-based app.

Then I created the WinMainEncapsulator to easily port the console-app to windows-app. Well it wasn't easily ported, heh. It took me more time to develop that WinMainEncapsulator than it did to create the console program. I think the encapsulator that I did is a good exercise in this idle time, a very short development project with lots of different things to learn from.

Well it's done, I might post it on advancedcpp later after some of refactoring. Now I have to finish the take-home-interview-web-project, heh I think I was motivated by the fact that I wasn't doing something I don't know how to do. Strange motivation...
I got calls from 3 companies.

The first one required VB, I'm definitely not going to take that. Place seems disorganized, dated and there doesn't seem to be any people on the workstations when I took the interview.

The second one requires jsp, js, java-servlet and SQL knowledge. I found the interview for this job interesting, it lasted for an hour (and a couple of minutes). I talked to this old guy (in his 40s) about different things technology, methodology, war stories, etc... That was amusing and I agreed to take a 1-week project to allow myself to progress beyond the no-pay-training period. I will probably not take the job, I will however do the project for learning's sake.

The third interview will be this week, technology: java. I don't know where the company is. I hope that job wouldn't be servlet-related. I prefer more of an application-based programming job, web-based programming seems too loose, and requires too much different technology to be integrated.
I had the broken Sennheiser headphone replaced with the same model. The first one didn't survive the break-in, I think I shouldn't have maxed out the volume on the component we had on the living room. I didn't connect the second one to the component and instead I broke it in my computer. Now it sounds great. This might sound impossible but I could swear some of the 192kbps music sounds 3D, probably just stereo illusions.

I converted some of my CDs and my brother's CDs into 192kbps wma format. I think they now total to 485 items(6.5GB).

I've finished reading Rapid Development and I've started reading Coraline.
Today I bought a new Sennheiser headphone, price is medium-low and it sounds cool.

I've read a post on the net about "breaking it in" or something that sounds like that, it said that you have to leave it running at full blast for a day and the sounds will improve. I don't know what the rationale for that is but if it works for them it'll probably work for me too. Heh.

I'm not sure if that is only applicable for one model of the headphone or all models. Right now I'm doing the full blast thing, I'm not wearing them on my ears of course.

Music sounds better on this headphone than on my old Altec 4.1 speakers. Soon when I find a good priced cool digital-sound dts-capable thx-certified 5.1 speakers I will buy them, but right now they're not selling the good speakers on the malls here.
Everyday since New Year's eve I have been dreaming. There's nothing specific, the people in the dream are people I know from real life and there is nothing significant about them. Dreaming everyday about nothing extraordinary is something new. Usually when I dream it's about something big.

Although there was this one time where I dreamt that I was doing something like programming but I wasn't coding, I was using graphical blocks (lots of pixelated squares that look like blocks). I remember it was sort of fun, but I didn't learn what exactly the thing I was building was supposed to do when I was done. Strange.

I wake up very very drowsy after each of those dreams.
Recently I've been playing through kotor like it was the only game. I think I need to stop. Heh, the new Audigy2 Platinum sound card is encouraging me to play through the game again because of the "Cool EAX High Definition" sounds. Aaaarrrrghh... It's the permutation of optimizations in character development, yeah that's what's causing this addiction.

I even think I've devolved a bit, I am not able to do as much as I could (or as much as I think I used to be able to).

Well today I'm going to hunt for a cool THX 5.1 speaker system, after that I'll probably retest it on the game. Hahahaha, no anything but the game.

Does anybody out there know of a PC game with great sounds?